Enclosed trailer for rent.

Towlos Featured Trailer of the Week: The 7x16ft Enclosed Trailer

In the world of trailer rentals, the perfect combination of size, features, and reliability is a must for a hassle-free hauling experience. This week, towlos proudly presents their featured Trailer of the Week – the robust and versatile 7×16 ft. Enclosed Trailer available to rent. Located conveniently near Athens, Alabama, this trailer promises to elevate your transportation endeavors with its thoughtful design and practical features. Join us as we delve into the details that make this trailer stand out from the rest.

Enclosed Trailer Available to Rent

1. Size Matters

Measuring at 7×16 feet, this trailer strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness and maneuverability. Whether you’re moving household items, participating in a trade show, or transporting equipment, its ample space ensures a solution for a variety of hauling needs.

2. Robust Construction

The 7×16 Enclosed Trailer actable to rent on towlos, boasts a solid and durable construction, ensuring your cargo remains secure and protected from the elements and road conditions.

3. Versatility in Design

The enclosed space offers protection from prying eyes and weather, making it an excellent choice for diverse hauling requirements.

4. Easy Accessibility

The trailer’s convenient fold-down ramp door ensures easy loading and unloading, enhancing efficiency and time management during the hauling process.

5. Tow-ability and Stability

Tis trailer prioritizes ease of use, and the trailer’s design ensures stability during transit. Compatible with a range of towing vehicles, it is a reliable companion for various hauling adventures.

6. Tie Down Straps

Equipped with tie-down straps on the floor and sides, this trailer provides added convenience and security, ensuring your cargo stays securely in place during transit.

7. Spare Tire

Prepared for unexpected situations on the road, the trailer comes with the availability of a spare tire, offering peace of mind throughout your hauling experience.

8. Hitch Ball Size

The 2-inch hitch ball size ensures compatibility with a wide range of towing setups, making it convenient for renters to connect the trailer to their vehicles.

9. Connector and Trailer Brakes

With a 7-way connector and trailer brakes, this trailer is equipped for safe and efficient towing, allowing for proper communication between the towing vehicle and the trailer. The inclusion of trailer brakes adds an extra layer of control and safety during transit.

10. Weight

Weighing 3,000 pounds itself, the 7×16 ft. Enclosed Trailer has a maximum load capacity of 7,000 pounds. This robust capacity allows for the transportation of substantial loads with confidence and ease.

How to Secure This Rental

Ready to experience the convenience and reliability of towlos? Here’s how you can secure your rental:

1. Visit towlos.com

Head over to towlos (linked below) website to explore more details about the 7×16 ft. Enclosed Trailer and the rental process.

2. Select Rental Dates

Choose the dates you’d like to rent the trailer, ensuring it aligns with your hauling schedule and needs.

3. Get Renting!!

Confirm availability, discuss pricing, and finalize your reservation!

In the realm of trailer rentals, towlos, a peer to peer trailer rental marketplace, this Enclosed Trailer stands out as a reliable and versatile choice. With features like the fold-down ramp door, tie-down straps, spare tire availability, and the capability to handle substantial loads, this trailer is designed to meet the diverse needs of renters. Secure your rental today and embark on a journey of convenience, reliability, and peace of mind with towlos.

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