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The inspiration for creating the world's first exclusive trailer sharing marketplace...

The inspiration for Towlos began in the summer of 2021. Some of my Corvette buddies and I wanted to trailer our cars to the track rather than driving them, which could risk getting a flat tire or something else beyond our control. This would have ruined a trip we had become pretty excited about! So, we started looking for trailers to rent, but soon became quite disappointed by the very limited options. As a result, the inspiration for Towlos grew out of a need, I mean, desire for a car hauler!

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On the trip home from the track, I started thinking about this trailer problem. Soon, I realized there are actually two problems here. One problem is the difficulty in finding the right trailer that fits our needs. The second is all those other trailers out there, just sitting in a driveway or a barn 90% of the time, collecting dust.

I thought “someone should do something about that! It would be so nice to have access to these trailers without having to purchase one or rent from the limited supply that currently exists.” I just couldn’t shake that thought out of my mind. A few days later, I decided to act on it, and soon after, Towlos was born. The concept of sharing resources when not using them really resonated with me. It has been successful with companies like Airbnb and Turo. Could this also work for trailers?

From heavy equipment haulers to boat trailers, enclosed trailers to race car haulers, horse trailers to toy haulers, there are thousands, if not millions, of under-utilized trailers across the US. Thus, Towlos was created as the solution, providing a safe, secure, and intuitive platform for making a trailer connection. Don’t let that trailer collect any more dust. Put it to work for you!

To your next adventure,


Matthew D. Jones
Towlos Founder & President

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