grid life festival, grey BMW e46.

Towlos at Grid Life Festival: Unleashing the Thrills

In just a few weeks, the Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina, will transform into a haven for enthusiasts of EDM music, motorsport, and automotive culture alike. Grid Life Festival will take over Carolina Motorsports Park from April 12th to 14th. Among the eclectic mix of beats and racing feats, towlos, the peer-to-peer trailer rental marketplace, will not only showcase its dynamic presence but will also ignite the track with the unmistakable roar of the Birmingham Road and Race BMW E46.

Sponsorship Spotlight: Birmingham Road and Race

As towlos blazes through the circuit, we proudly sponsor Birmingham Road and Race #98. The 2002 E46 BMW 330ci S54 serves as a beacon of automotive excellence and innovation. With every twist and turn, the #98 BMW showcases the perfect blend of performance and reliability, embodying the spirit of precision that defines both towlos and the Grid Life Festival experience.

Groove to the Beat at the towlos Booth

Amidst the revving engines and screeching tires, towlos’ vendor booth, strategically positioned in the Pro Paddock, vibrates with the infectious rhythm of EDM beats. It creates an atmosphere as electrifying as the festival itself. Here, attendees can not only learn about towlos’ peer-to-peer trailer rental platform but also groove to the music and racing surrounding them. Attendees can immerse themselves in interactive games and challenges, offering an exciting opportunity to win exclusive towlos branded merchandise. So, don’t hesitate to come on over, join in the fun! Leave with more than just memories – leave with a piece of towlos to take home as a lasting memento of the experience.

Join us at Grid Life Festival

Gridlife Festival transcends the boundaries of traditional events. It offers a unique fusion of music and motorsport that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Towlos invites you to join us in embracing this fusion. Immerse yourself in the excitement of racing, EDM music, and the camaraderie of automotive enthusiasts from around the globe. Let’s make Grid Life Festival an unforgettable experience together, fueled by the power of the #98 BMW E46.

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